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In keeping with our search for the finest equipment we became the importers for Starboarda clear leader in SUP and windsurf design.

We use Severne Sails for our windsurf rigs and Ocean Rodeo are our “go to” guys for kite equipment.

Bear in mind we are updating our equipment as often as we can so if you don”t see what you’re looking for contact us for the newest arrivals.

To reserve equipment or for any water sport related enquiries please click here to contact us.

Our new adjustable paddles all come with a trash picker: Please help us keep our beautiful water clean and collect any trash you see floating to dispose of correctly.


Delivery to other locations within the BVI may incur a delivery fee

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)





All round

These are our best renting boards by far due to their overall versatility.

Great for cruising our BVI waters, with long gliding capabilities, yet stable enough to still catch a wave.

  • Atlas  (12’x33″) This is our most popular board, great for everyone in the family, providing a stable platform.
  • Whopper (10’x34″) Simply a board that makes everything easy, another popular choice.


  • iSUP GO (12’x33″) Brand new for the 2019 season. These inflatables have a double chamber and welded seams for extra stability. Very light and easy to maneuver.
  • Atlas Extra (12’x36″) An ultra stable board for riders up to 130kg.
  • Blend (11’2×30″) – great for flat water cruising and easy surfing

Rates for all boards listed above 1-5 days $125, 25/day thereafter

The following are shorter in length for increased maneuverability while turning on the waves. The extra width still provides great stability.

Great for kids and smaller adults.

  • Hero (9’x33″)
  • Converse (9’x30″)

Rates: 1-5 days $125, $25/day thereafter for ASAP construction

Performance Surf

Progressive shapes dedicated to high performance surfing.

  • Pro (9’8″ x 29″)
  • Nut (9’5″x29″)
  • Wide Point (8’2″x 32″)
  • Hypernut (8’x31.5)

Rates: 1-5 days $250, $50/day therafter for epoxy glass construction

Rates: 1-5 days $375, $75/day thereafter for full carbon construction

Please contact us for details.


Race and Distance Boards

Fast and stable designs with great tracking.

The Allstar boards are the most versatile and popular race boards for both beginner and elite riders that perform in all conditions.

  • Allstar (14’x28″) in both glass/carbon and full carbon construction
  • Allstar (12’6×26) in full carbon
  • Allstar (12’6″x28) in full carbon
  • Touring (14’x30″) in glass
  • Other shapes available

Rates: 1-5 days $250, $50/day thereafter for epoxy glass construction

Rates: 1-5 days $375, $75/day thereafter for full carbon construction

Contact us for more details

 SUP Paddles

One piece carbon hybrid paddles are supplied with all our SUP rentals.

We can supply different lengths of paddles on your yacht to accommodate everyone!


Back rests and paddles included

  • One person kayak
  • Two person kayak

Rates: 1-5 days $100, $20/day thereafter


Windsurf boards and Rigs

Progressive board shapes from starboard with Severne sails/rigs.

  • Beginners: Rio L 230L board ( with daggerboard) with choice of Synergy 3.1 or 4.3 sail.
  • Intermediates:Rio L board (daggerboard optional) with choice of Synergy 4.3 or 5.4 sail (5.4 includes harness and lines)
  • Advance packages: Choice of the Rio L, GO 131L or the AHD Diamond GT 85 144L boards. The advanced package includes a choice of a Gator 6.5 or 8.0 sail, harness and lines.

Rates: Beginner/Intermediate 1-5 days $200, $40/day thereafter

            Advanced 1-5 days $250, $50/day thereafter

            Additional rigs for all levels: 1-5 days $75, $15/day thereafter


Kite gear

Why bother with the trouble of traveling with a kite board and harness when you can rent equipment right here?

We have a collection of kite boards and kite specific harnesses.

Rates: Boards: 1-5 days $100, $20/day thereafter

            Harness: $40/charter or $25 if combined with board


Catch a wave!

We carry a variety of fun shapes and long boards.

Please contact us for further information.

Rates: 1-5 days $100, $20/day thereafter

The items above receive the following discounts: 5% discount on 8-14 days, 10% on 15-21 days, 15% on more than 22 days

 Dinghy Ladders

Anyone who has ever dragged themselves into a dinghy after a long snorkel will understand why this is a must have on every charter.  Rated to over 400 pounds and adaptable to any dinghy.

Rates: $50/charter

 Floating Mat

The perfect way to spend a day! The floating mat provides hours of fun on the sea. It’s a simple and safe multi-use water toy and doubles as an extra cushion onboard.

Rates: $20/charter



Noodles are a fantastic way to chill out in the sea, at the beach or behind your charter yacht or as a visual aid while snorkeling.

Rates: Noodles $2 each/charter when combined with other equipment

$4 each/charter when rented as a single item


Yamaha Acoustic Guitar – comes with a hard case.

Rates: $100/charter

Beach Chairs

For those trying to stay above the sand (for on shore use: NOT on the boat)

Rates: $20 each/charter

 Hiking Poles

Collapsible trekking poles with shock absorbing handle

Rates: $20/pair/charter, $30/2 pairs/charter

Lazy Bunz

Comfortable & relaxing sit-up water float. No inflation required.

Rates: $20/bunz/charter

Water Carpet

6′ X 12″ floating mats to tether off your boat: easy to roll and adds ‘real estate’ to your charter while moored or anchored.

Rates: $100/mat/charter