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Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information


A word about safety

In our warm, beautiful waters safety concerns can be the last thing on your mind, however, it’s the small details that prevent bigger problems.

All our SUP boards come with a leash and we strongly recommend that they are used. This prevents separation from you and the board in a sudden high wind situation or a simple fall.

We also advise alerting other members of your party when taking out a board or kayak, your intended destination and approximate paddle/kayak duration.

Prepare to be out longer than expected! Wear sunscreen and take water! 


How do I book equipment?

You can either reserve rental equipment through your charter agent or directly via our contact us” link.

If you are booking a multi-day rental from a villa location please contact us directly as above.

If villa renters wish to use a board/kayak for a day then we suggest you go to our beach location at Cane Garden Bay. 

Bear in mind, swell or wind condition can dictate that we have to close our beach location so please call us at 284 – 346-1981 before heading to the beach.

Do you charge for delivery?

No, we do not charge delivery for multi day rentals to your yacht or villa. 

Please contact us for event rates.

Do you charge a security deposit?

No, we do not!

What if the equipment is damaged?

We do not charge for incidental damage to any of our equipment for the duration of your charter.

Loss of equipment, however, will incur a replacement charge (usually less than our wholesale cost). This is why we advise you tie your equipment on the deck at night.

Will you have equipment no matter how busy it gets?


We pride ourselves on never running out of equipment.

Where is the best location to tie the equipment on the boat?

Don’t worry, most often our equipment will have been delivered and installed before your arrival.

Our staff will deliver and install your equipment where we feel it is best located on board. Of course, you are free to relocate the equipment if you find a better spot during your charter.

You will find the equipment strapped with easily manipulated custom designed straps to make your charter as easy as possible.

Can I have some more information on your kayaks?

The  single and double sit-on-top kayaks we are using are generically the same as all versions in existence right now, they are very stable.  The double measures about 11’0”x34″ can seat up to three (~550lbs) and comes with 2 backrests and paddles.  The single is roughly 9’6”x34” and is rated to 250lbs and comes with one back rest and a paddle.

Do you rent inflatable SUP's?

Yes we do! Our new iSUP Deluxe inflatable SUP boards by Starboard have double chambers for extra security and means that the boards can be inflated to higher PSI.

They are light, durable, rigid, surprisingly fast on the water and very light to manoeuvre on and off your boat. They are delivered fully inflated and you will not need to re- inflate. They also come with webbing on the nose so you can transport personal items to and from the beach.

Do you have a minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is for 5 days.

Shorter periods are available but at a different pricing level.

Please contact us for details

Do you teach surfing?

No, currently we don’t but there is a traditional surf school in the BVI. A quick web search should enable you to find them.

Do you provide organized beach tours?

Currently we do not.

While we can arrange custom tours on request, we do not have a scheduled tour timetable.

Do you rent fishing equipment?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Government rules have recently changed (for the worse).  We no longer offer fishing.  There is a newly enforced license rule for each boat and each person on the boat thereby making it very difficult for visitors to legally fishing alone.

If you are very keen to fish we suggest  you contact a local fishing guide. A quick web search will enable one to find one.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accepting equipment  for rental from BVISUPCO,  I (The Lessee) agree to pay the stipulated rental fee in accordance with the rates specified.

In consideration of being allowed to rent equipment provided by BVISUPCO (the Operator) for myself and/or any minor children for whom I am the legal parent/guardian or otherwise responsible, and for my/our heirs, personal representatives or assigns.                       


I suffer from no mental and/or physical disease, illness or disability which would render me unfit for the use of the equipment being rented.


I hereby accept the equipment in the condition as is.  I acknowledge having examined the equipment and having satisfied myself that it is in good order and working condition.  The Operator accepts no responsibility for any defect in the equipment and does not warrant that it is suitable for any particular purpose.  I agree that the said use of the equipment is at my own risk.  I shall return the equipment in good order and working condition, and shall be financially liable for any deviations there from, to put the equipment into the same condition it was at the time of the rental.   I shall pay the Operator full compensation for replacement and/or repair of any equipment which is not returned because it is lost or stolen.  I agree not to tow any items while underway.


I fully understand that using the rented equipment is at my own risk, and I hereby release the Operator, its subsidiaries, its officers and employees, and save them harmless from all claims, loss, damage, injury and liability arising from any injury and/or illness sustained by me whilst engaged in the use of the rented equipment caused or occasioned by reason of the perils or dangers of the sea or land or by reason of the act, omission or negligence or default of any other individual, or as a consequence of an illness or disease or disability which renders such persons unfit, or as a result of my not complying with instructions from the Operator and his staff at time of rented equipment delivery.


I have read and fully understand and agree to the printed conditions of this release and waiver, and hereby waive for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators any claims and demands of whatever nature against the Operator, its subsidiaries, its officers and employees, arising hereunder.  This agreement shall be determined according to the Laws of the British Virgin Islands, and shall be adjudicated in the courts of the British Virgin Islands, to the exclusion of any other courts.

Per loss fees
Item Per loss fee
Epoxy SUP $1,000
Performance SUP surf or race (epoxy) $2,500
Performance SUP surf or race (epoxy) $3,500
Single Kayak $750
Double Kayak $900
Windsurfer (beginner/intermediate) $2,000
Windsurfer (advanced) $3,000
Kiteboard & harness $500
Surfboard $400
Dinghy ladder $350
Floating mat $150
Noodle $5
Beach Chair $100
Guitar $350
Lazy buns $60
Paddle SUP $175
Paddle Kayak $100

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